Mekong Bobtail Cinnamon Dragons Breeding

Indiana is our first female Mekong Bobtail, she is born July 23, 2019 in Bagheria, Palermo, Italy she comes from “Allevamento Mekong Bobtail VIKANGA” , she is a beautiful lilac point colour with light blue eyes. Her fater is Benjamin (Benjamin della Via Lattea) her mother is Rare Luxury (Rare Luxury of Cofein Pride) the Breeder is Vincenzo of VIKANGA Mekong Bobtail, Indiana name: (Indiana Denise VIKANGA). They all have ENFI Experimental Mekong Bobtail Pedigree. Indiana is TICA pedigree registered.

Indiana’s parents
Indiana’s mother

Rare Luxury and Benjamin, Indiana’s parents


Marcus our first male of Mekong Bobtail is born August 28, 2019 in Linden, New Jersey, United States. He comes from “Mekong Bobtail NJ Cattery”, he is a stunning seal point colour with intense blue eyes. his father is Adamant (Adamant MAE) his mother is Viki (KANDRY LINE l’Ezhevika/WC) the Breeder is Olga Vacca, Marcus name: (MEKONGSNJ MARCUS). They all have TICA Experimental Mekong Bobtail Pedigree.

Adamant, Viki and Hidi with the Mekong Bobtail NJ’s Kittens
Marcus’s Mom and kittens

Viki l’Ezhevika and Adamant, Marcus’s parents


In 2021 our cats’ family is grown and new males and females were welcomed in the house. Jules of Vostok Pride from Moscow, Dalila Golden Mekong from Sochi, Viola Asia Memory From Novosibirsk, Moroshka Amatista from Murmansk and Norman Kandry Line from Ufa. They all come from Russia from very selected Breeders. In the first days of 2022 finally we open the door to Arrakis Arches Star from Daugavpils in Latvia. And last one our sweet love Arcadia CinnamonDragons that is born in our home in Dundee, Scotland.

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