Mekong Bobtail Cinnamon Dragons Cattery, we are a family of breeders based in Wick, Scotland-UK.

All our Kittens has got pedigree and double vaccination, they are dewormed three times and parents tested and free from any pathology.

Our Mekong Bobtail New Born:

Caleb CinnamonDragons, Ciprian CinnamonDragons, Cherubino CinnamonDragons, Ciel CinnamonDragons. Moroshka Amatista X L’Norman Kandry Line 28/02/2022 red point
Bellamie CinnamonDragons
Indiana Denise Vikanga X Marcus MekongNJ 19/01/2022 seal point

our first Litter

Our first kittens are born the 14/06/2020 we have six gorgeous new born, they are all safe and in good health, we are so proud of our Indiana Denise Vikanga, she is a marvellous mom.

Our new born, Indiana Denise takes from 21,30 to 23,20 to give birth to all the six kittens.

Our new born, the mom is Indiana Denise Vikanga a lillac point Mekong Bobtail cat, she comes from a breeder based in Bagheria Palermo, Italy. The father is Marcus MekongNJ a seal point Mekong Bobtail cat, he comes from a great breeder based in New Jersey, United States.
Arcadia CinnamonDragons she is grown up with us for breeding.

Artwork by Karen Nicol Textile Artist

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Bellamie, Caleb, Ciprian, Cherubino, Ciel
Bellamie, Caleb, Ciprian, Cherubino, Ciel

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