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Breed standard

In addition to the main trait of the breed – a short tail with knots and folds, Mekong must meet the following characteristics:

The Mekong bobtail is a relatively young breed of short-tailed cats. But its roots go back to old age antiquity, and true history is closely intertwined with legends. According to one of them, the Mekong or the Thai bobtail were loyal guards of the treasures of ancient Siam.

The head is oval with smooth contours and a practically flat upper part of the skull. The forehead is high, convex, the foot is below the eye line.

The eyes are large, almost round in shape, which give the muzzle a slightly naive appearance. The coloration of the cornea is intense blue. In contrast to the dark mask on the face they look even brighter, more transparent and expressive.

Nose – medium in size with a slight slope towards the mirror – Roman.
Cheekbones with a light pinch and convex pads of vibrissae. The chin is well developed, convex. Bite well, pincer.

The Ancient Siam with the Mekong River

Body: strong, muscular, quadrangular, medium size. The back is almost straight with a slight increase in the direction of the croup. The body looks strong but graceful.

Siam Cats: Thai Siamese – Mekong Bobtail – Orienal Siamese

The ears are large with an open interior and a wide base. The ear is triangular with a rounded tip. Tall vertical post. The ears are slightly bent forward, as if the cat was listening carefully. The distance between the inner edge of the shell is large, so the outer part is a single line with the lateral parts of the face.

Tail: consisting of 3 vertebrae, but must not exceed 1/4 of the length of the body. On the tail there are rings and knots, the first of the folds is located at the base of the tail. The form and location of the improprieties are strictly individual. In some individuals it is almost hidden by the fur.

Wool – short, shiny, thin. The undercoat is almost absent, so the guard hairs are close to the body. The character of the Mekong is sweet. the final appearance is that of a hairy teddy bear with a compact and muscular structure. A cat that calls for cuddles.

Limbs – medium length. Smooth, thin, arranged in parallel. The legs are oval, of medium size. The hind claws do not retract into the electrodes and rattle when walking.

Mekong Bobtails-is breed recognized by WCF (World Cat Federation)

Currently the breed is considered an “Experimental” by TICA and CFA. All the Breeders are working to be recognized as a standard new breed.

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