Mekong Bobtail Cinnamon Dragons Breeding, we are a family of breeders based in Wick, Scotland-UK.

We are a small family breeders, based in Wick Scotland starting from september 2020, Before we were are in Italy. We love pets we have European cats and pedigree cats. Indiana Is our first Mekong Bobtail arrived at home, we all felt in love with this hairy and cuddly little “bear” and we start to think how beautiful her puppies would be. Indiana comes from a small Cattery in Palermo, Italy and grew up at home with her two Russian parents and a human mom and dad between pampering and quality food, which is fundamental for the health of a kitten. The Mekong are rare cats and there aren‘t many breeders all around the world. We found our first Mekong Bobtail male Marcus in New Jersey, United States, he comes from a little and very selected breeding run by Olga Vacca, who works actively with TICA and CFA for the full recognition of the breed. We started with a couple of cats, and in summer 2021 we reserved new cats from Russia. Our second male is Jules Vostok Pride breeder Veronika Osadchaya, he is from Moscow. We have two more female one is Viola Asia Memory from Sochi breeder Elena Gennadievna and the other one is Dalila Golden Mekong from Novosibirsk, breeder Alexandra Vlasova. Our kitten Arcadia Cinnamon Dragons will stay in the Cattery with us. In mean time we welcomed two more cats from Daniia Kabirova’s Kandry Line Cattery in Ufa: Norman Kandrt Line a male and Moroshka Amatista a female that was owned by Daniia and come from a Cattery in Murmansk, her breeder is Elena Zhukova. The last one to enter at home is Arrakis Arches Star from Latvia, breeder Valentina Kurova. All our Cats live with us at home, sleeping on our beds, they eat selected food. All our cats are tested and free from any patology . We can delivery worldwide.

Indiana’s breeder is in Bagheria, Palermo – Sicily, Italy.

Marcus’s breeder is in Linden, New Jersey, United States.

Jules’ breeder is in Moscow, Russian Confederation.

Dalila’s breeder is in Novosibirsk. Russian Confederation.

Viola’s breeder is in Novosibirsk, Russian Confederation.

Norman’s breeder is in Ufa, Russian Confederation.

Moroshka’s breeder is in Murmansk, Russian Confederation.

Arrakis’ breeder is in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Arcadia’ S breeder are us and we are in Wick, Scotland.

It’s very important to choose quality foods for our kittens


Luna, the witch cat and Kaliru’ the Celtic cat.
Salem our Persian cat with Darius Kalì Zoi our Bengal boy, both born the 13 of march 2019
Caronte our Thai Siamese and Emiliene from “Isola dei Tesori” our Oriental Siamese cat, both red spotted.
Caterina our Thai Siamese cat and Fortunata our European cat with three legs.

A Cattery needs a name, we chose “Cinnamon Dragons” in memory of my daughter’s cat Cannella, who died too early. To symbolize the strong bond that existed with my daughter, a strong connection of symbols that joins the legend of Mekong Bobtail Cats.
Cannella, exactly one week, she was gone, we collected Fortunata from the road after an accident. Here with the 4 legs….one is gone.

Two cuddly catchers

Neige and Aciko now and when they arrived at home. Aciko comes from the kennel he is a Abruzzese Shepherd and Neige come from a litter of Florentine Maremmans

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